We have added three families to our expanding food voucher program this month. These families, like all the victims of violent conflict we serve, live in extreme poverty as they await the next step.

Saleem and his family of 10 are from Western Iraq. They fled in 2010 after a local militia killed their eldest son. Saleem has difficulty walking and is unable to support his 5 children or his young grandchildren who were orphaned during the conflict.

Hamza, Nada and their children finally reached Jordan in 2014 after their escape from Iraq took them through Syria and Turkey. They live in a tiny one-bedroom apartment. Until recently, their neighbors helped them with rent but they can no longer provide support. The family now relies on CRP for monthly food vouchers, and we have also recently provided them with essentials like mattresses and carpets.

Hind and Kareem are also from Iraq and were in desperate need of food, blankets, and other basic amenities. Kareem found out about CRP through a friend and is interested in learning English and joining self-care classes. Hind also wants to learn English and make new friends at the community center.

Thanks to supporters like you, we are able to respond to the urgent needs of families like these. We are eager to welcome these families into the CRP community and assist them in any way possible!