Goodbye & Good Luck, Abu Ahmed!

For the past two and a half years, Abu Ahmed’s smile has been contagious around CRP. We have all grown to rely on it. So with that in mind, we are so excited, though, selfishly, a little sad, to say that this week Abu Ahmed and his children will fly to their new home in the United Kingdom.

Abu Ahmed and CRP’s Executive Director Amanda Lane stop to chat for a minute at our center.

Abu Ahmed fled from his home near Damascus, Syria, to Amman in 2012, due to violence and destruction in the area. A year ago, his wife and some of his children were granted Asylum in the U.K. Since that time, he and the rest of his children have been trying to join them. “I am a little nervous about going to the U.K.,” he says. “But I miss my family so much.”

Altair, a member of CRP’s teen group, says, “My favorite thing about Abu Ahmed is that he keeps a pair of his daughter’s socks, to remember her by. That, to me, says a lot about him.”

Even while watching news reports about devastation in his home country and dearly missing his family for the last year, he’s always had a positive thing to say to members of our staff and community. “For me, working at CRP has always been about the children,” he says.

Abu Ahmed distributes food vouchers to CRP’s beneficiaries.

In Syria, Abu Ahmed was a lawyer. At CRP, he has helped organize activities and bring in new beneficiaries.

Jason, our Director of Data and Marketing, says, “I’m so happy that Abu Ahmed is reuniting with his family! I’ll miss him, but hopefully I’ll see him again in his new home.”

Reflecting on leaving, Abu Ahmed says, “I want to tell everyone who helps this organization, that I’m sad that I’m going to leave. I love everyone. I care about everyone who comes to and is helped by our center.”

Abu Ahmed shows off his smile for the camera.