Goodbye Jessie!

Meet Jessica, MENAR Fellow and esteemed member of CRP’s team. 

After a year of being our Community Center Programs Manager, she has become a pivotal part of our day-to-day operation. She makes everyone smile! 


Jessie is starting Medical School interviews soon for the 2020 application cycle, so the time has sadly come to say goodbye. We wish Jessie the best of luck in the next stage of her life, although we’ll all miss her so much and wish she didn’t have to go! 


“Working with coworkers from different backgrounds has been the best part about working at CRP. My daily interactions with Sameh is definitely my favorite part of each day. Sameh never fails to put a smile on my face with his jokes and ruthless teasing,” says Jessie. “What’s more, CRP has also reconnected me with my motivations for studying medicine, reaffirming my desire in life to help other people.” 


Salem, one of CRP’s local interns, says that “as a refugee working in this field, it was difficult to acclimate to working at CRP and, as a person who struggles with mental health issues, I couldn’t have asked for a better supervisor, mentor or friend than Jessie. Thank you for everything!”