Happy International Women’s Day! Today at CRP we’re celebrating all the women and girls in our community, from our community leaders to the people who come to the various activities at our Center, from our full-time staff members to our interns and volunteers, and from the children who are still too young for school to the teenagers dreaming of a better future.

Wa’ad is one of these incredible women. Wa’ad came to Jordan by herself from Baghdad over two years ago, after she was attacked in her home by a group of armed men. Since arriving in Amman, she has committed herself to her own personal development and growth and to the development and growth of the community.

“I felt a huge difference between how I was in Iraq and how I am now here in Amman,” Wa’ad says. “Now I feel self confidence when I walk down the street.”

Wa’ad is a regular presence at programs at the Family Resource and Community Center, including the Hope Workshop, CRP’s women’s craft collective, and is a leader and trainer at our Women’s Empowerment Program, which is supported by a grant from Dining for Women. She has also learned how to provide acupressure to the other women in CRP’s community.

Wa’ad’s story is just one example of the resilience of refugee women in Amman. These women and their own efforts are what makes CRP as vibrant as it is.