Healthy Meals, Healthy Minds

After-School Club is one of the most popular programs at CRP, giving kids the opportunity to learn new skills and make friends, through a variety of fun and educational activities. After the kids have spent their time reading, learning english, or playing chess, we hand out healthy food.

At CRP, we believe that it is so important for kids to have access to healthy food! Recent studies have show high levels of malnutrition among displaced children in Amman, particularly those in the Somali, Sudanese and Yemeni refugee communities. We want the kids that come to CRP to get the vitamins they need, and have energy throughout the day. We also give them the opportunity to learn more about health and nutrition, by talking about healthy eating in our After-School Club.

Aseel from Baghdad, Iraq, loves to eat healthy snacks at After-School Club.

Aseel, who is from Baghdad, Iraq, has been coming to our After-School Club for seven months. She loves the activities we offer here. She started to learn English here at CRP, and is excited about learning to communicate in a foreign language. Aseel also likes reading stories and playing chess. But she says that the best part of After-School Club is the food.

“When I’m at After-School Club, I eat a lot of fruit. There are always different kinds of fruit, for example banana, strawberry or orange. I always like it when we get milk as well.” When asked about her favorite snack, she replies without hesitation. “The best of all is strawberries and milk. They’re so tasty and healthy”, Aseel says, with a big smile on her face.

Group of boys with their bags of healthy snacks at After-School Club.

CRP is so happy to be able to give the kids at After-School Club healthy snacks. This may be the only healthy food they get all day.

We are coming to the end of our spring fundraising campaign. The money raised will go directly to funding our food voucher distributions and community center programs. Donate here to give kids in our community healthy meals, and healthy minds.