unnamedAs the winter months approach, it is vital that CRP helps our families stay warm. There will be many nights when temperatures will dip below 0° Celsius, and CRP is working diligently to protect the health and improve the comfort of the families we serve. Many of our families have heaters but are unable to purchase fuel to power them, so we have made it a priority to provide families with fuel vouchers in the coming months. This past week, CRP completed a fuel voucher distribution to 114 families reaching a total of 651 people.

We are planning another fuel voucher distribution for mid-December and our goal is to reach 100 additional families. Ghazwan, our Programs Director, is working with families who receive distributions to help them conserve the fuel and use it most productively. He shows families how to boil pots of water on top of their heaters so that the warm air can better circulate their homes. We will continue working hard to provide heat and warmth for refugee families through these cold winter months.