When it comes to education, a little generosity can go a long way. It costs only $100 to pay for the fees associated with sending a child to school in Jordan. However, most of the children in our community are refugees whose families are forbidden to work in Amman. They have no source of income, no money to pay for medical expenses (which are extremely common among families fleeing violence and instability), and they often rely on donations to feed their families and pay for rent in the city. There is no money to spare for registration fees, uniforms, backpacks, and other school supplies.

This year, the Amman-based Helping Refugees in Jordan donated 190 backpacks filled with stationery and school supplies to CRP to distribute to children who most needed them. These school bags allowed us to free up funds to pay the registration fees of many Iraqi children in our community. While school fees have been waived for Syrian refugees, Iraqi children are still required to pay to register for school. Many Iraqis have been out of school for years and the longer they go without formal education, the more difficult it becomes to rejoin their peers. CRP will be paying registration fees for more than 140 Iraqi children this year.

Education should not be a luxury for the privileged; it is the right of every child. When such a critical right is threatened, every dollar counts. Just a dollar a day is enough to send three children back to school for a year! These dollars can measure the cost of books and supplies, but the gift of education is truly immeasurable. A tremendous thank you to Helping Refugees in Jordan and the other donors who made this year’s Back to School campaign a success!