So what’s been going on at CRP, you ask? How is your support making a difference for people in our community? Let me just share a bit of what’s been going on to give you an idea:

This winter we have prioritized providing emergency assistance to the most vulnerable families in our community and getting mental health support services and activities for struggling teens up and running at our centers. And thanks to you, people are getting more of what they need most.

Here’s how we’re making inroads toward our priorities to provide more activities for people to take care of themselves and be well:

– starting up our Mind-Body Medicine program in the Downtown center
– activating our seniors’ gardening club
– making massage sessions available for women
– and offering drop-in evening men’s activities–where men come together to play chess, cards, and dominoes.

Support for CRP got emergency assistance to 2178 people who were in distress in December and January and helped teens by offering English and computer classes–and drop-in activities where they can hang out together, be themselves, and get the emotional support they need.

And we’re not stopping there! Your help will enable teens and families to get more wellness and mental health support activities.

Be sure to check in to our Instagram, website, and/or Facebook for more updates on the exciting things going on at CRP.

None of this could happen without your support, and I’m so thankful for all you do to make a difference!

Sincere gratitude,

Amanda Lane
Executive Director