Although Ruba is from here in Jordan, she first heard about CRP’s women’s craft collective, Hope Workshop, from a Syrian refugee. During her time with Hope Workshop, she’s had a lot of fun and learned a lot. “Through this workshop I have learned to keep a schedule, and I like to be in the group. I did sew a little bit in the past, but here I make calendars for Christmas and Ramadan so I sew a bit more than I’m used to while I’m here.”

Ruba while she is sewing a calendar for Ramadan in the Hope Workshop

For six months, Ruba has attended the Hope Workshop two times per week. She has gained more experience in sewing different products as calendars, gnomes and bags. This will be beneficial for her and her family, because the women of Hope Workshop are able to retain most of the profits from the products they sell. “I have six kids and I would like to put the products I make in their rooms one day. I love to take photos of what I have worked on and then show my kids what we have done through the day.”

Ruba is one of 56 women currently participating in Hope Workshop who are acquiring experience in leadership and creating their own products. The women’s collective aims to give women a sense of independence and an opportunity to feel less stressed.

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