Next Steps: Embroidery Project Taking Shape!

At this week’s Hope Workshop meeting, members gathered and transferred their designs to fabric!


Last week, Shatha, our Hope Workshop leader, and I went downtown to buy all the materials needed to start the embroidery project in earnest. These included the cloth chosen by the women at the previous meeting, myriad colors for our embroidery thread, needles, chalk (for the measurements), carbon paper, and the embroidery hoops.

A Hope Workshop member perfects her draft before tracing on the carbon paper

Armed with these new materials, the women spent today transferring their hand-drawn designs onto the fabric using carbon paper. By placing the carbon paper on top of the fabric, then their designs over it, the women traced their original drawing and the carbon imprint transferred onto the fabric. This outline will serve as a guide for their embroidering, which will begin next week!

Hard at work tracing the designs onto the fabric. Next step, embroidering!

This upcoming Sunday, the experienced embroiderers in the group will hold a training for the other Workshop members to teach them the basics. After that, the women will work both at home and at CRP to embroider the designs. Updates next week will include pictures of the stitching in many beautiful colors! Please check back here to read about the latest happenings of the Hope Workshop!