Drafting, Drawing, and Debate!

Today the Hope Workshop met to share the pictures they drew and discuss next steps for their advocacy quilting project!

The members kicked off the meeting with a lively discussion about their designs and the stories behind them. This quickly evolved into a full-scale art project! As they inspired each other with new concepts, changes, and feedback, we placed a table in the center, provided them with pencils and they updated their designs to incorporate their new ideas. The amount of creativity flowing through these conversations was amazing!


We then discussed and chose the best cloth and thread from a variety of samples. Shatha encouraged the women to finalize their designs at home, and call on their artistic family members and neighbors for help with the drawings.

This design shows one woman’s interpretation of her memories of pain and violence in Iraq.

Our next meeting will be even more hands- on. Some of the Hope Workshop members are gifted artists, and will help the other members finalize their designs and draw them on the fabric as an embroidery outline. Other members have years of experience with embroidery, and they will lead a session demonstrating the technique to those who are learning for the first time. We hope to start with stitching by the end of our next meeting!

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