Finishing Touches


Over the past two weeks, the women of the Hope Workshop have been hard at work completing embroidery squares for their advocacy quilting project. The women have also been sharing their stories, explaining the details behind each work of art.

The stories of these women’s lives as refugees in Jordan really shine through in their incredibly creative designs. Each story is unique, but consistently all the members say that the Hope Workshop has helped them not only learn new skills, but build new friendships and gain confidence along the way.

Collaboration and teamwork!

Since the collective includes members from Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, and Syria, the Hope Workshop space has provided members with ways to learn about the different countries and cultures of their peers, but also about their shared experiences.

Shahad saw the Hope Workshop as a great way to make friends with Jordanian and Syrian women in the community. “They’ve experienced the same misery as the Palestinians,” she says. Since joining the collective, “I have become more outgoing and confident, and I can express my feelings better,”  Shahad says. Before she was shy, but now she’s loving meeting new people at Hope Workshop meetings, while also learning new embroidery skills and collaborating on a larger project. “The friendships I’ve made at the Hope Workshop and the skills I’ve learned give me hope for the future,” says Shahad.

Sharing ideas and swapping embroidery advice

With the squares almost completed, the next steps will be to apply finishing touches. Then the squares will travel to America, where they’ll be assembled to create two beautiful quilts, in collaboration with The Advocacy Project. The resulting quilts will not only be intricate and beautiful works of art, but they will tell the stories of these women- stories of migration, struggle, shared experiences, and hope- with each and every stitch.

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