The Stitching Begins!

On Wednesday the ladies of the Hope Workshop met to share their headway with stitching the advocacy quilt squares. The progress from our meeting a short few days ago is incredible! Once the style of stitching was decided, the women went to work on the designs at home, and continued stitching at today’s meeting. Many of the designs include small details, including words, faces, and footprints. The skill and artistry of the Workshop members really shines through in their designs.

The designs represent memories or stories from each woman’s life, reflecting their experience as a refugee here in Amman. Each Hope Workshop member will produce two embroidered squares for the advocacy quilt project, so these are only the beginning! Check back here for more updates. Profiles of the women and the stories behind the embroidered squares are coming soon.

Shatha shares a laugh with members of the Hope Workshop