According to the Jordanian Government, Jordan is host to more than one million refugees, including Syrian refugees, Iraqi refugees, Sudanese refugees, and others. Of these, only 17% of Syrian refugees live in camps. The vast majority of refugees in Jordan live in urban areas, like Amman.

Unfortunately, most international aid goes towards camps. Urban refugees desperately need help.

You can help refugees in Jordan by donating to grassroots nonprofits like Collateral Repair Project. At CRP, we provide refugees with food vouchers, which they can spend at local grocery stores, deciding for themselves which food items they need. Jordan is cold in the winter time. You can also help refugees in Amman by holding a fundraiser to cover winter costs for refugees, like heaters and fuel.

Refugees also need help coping with the stress of their new surroundings. CRP provides yoga for refugees, which we have found to be extremely helpful as refugees process past trauma. But we also have men’s support group, women’s empowerment, and teen leadership programs.

Refugees can’t legally work in Jordan, for the most part. So we have skills-based classes where refugees learn skills like barbering that they can use to access the informal market. CRP also has English classes, computer classes, and a women’s craft collective. We also support children returning to school and hold an after-school club, among other children’s activities.

You can help refugees in Amman and CRP by donating your time to these activities, or by making a donation.