We’re thrilled to say that we are about to launch a new eLearning language exchange program over Skype! Thanks in part to a grant, we’re expanding our ESL classes.

Everyone knows that the key to learning a new language is to practice, practice, practice. But living in Hashemi Shamali, our English students have little opportunity to put their new skills to use. That’s why we are seeking language-learning volunteers to connect with students over Skype.

Do you have a couple of spare hours per week and good internet access? We’d love for you to join our program as an English-language partner.

Meet Ashleigh Passuello, our new TEFL Coordinator.

In order to facilitate our growing English program, this grant has also allowed us to bring on Ashleigh Passuello, as our new TEFL Coordinator.

Ashleigh explains the benefits of the new Skype program: “Many refugees in our community hope to be resettled in English-speaking countries, and these classes can help them prepare for that outcome.”

Of course there are also immediate benefits for learning English. These are just as important, especially because only 2% of all refugees worldwide will ever find permanent resettlement in the West.

Ashleigh adds, “Learning English also opens up a wider range of educational and employment opportunities for individuals here in Amman. English classes provide students with the joy of learning a new language and contribute to their resilience as they focus on building skills for the future rather than dwelling on the lives they left behind.”

Naseer, an Iraqi refugee and English student at CRP can’t wait for the new eLearning program.

Today Ashleigh introduced the program to a group of intermediate students to gauge interest. Many have already signed up! Naseer, an Iraqi refugee in the class said, “This will be a great way to improve our English and an excellent chance to practice with native English speakers!”

So far we’ve signed up five eLearning language volunteers. But we still need about five more. Could that be you? Please get in touch with Ashleigh at [email protected].