Since CRP’s foundation in 2006, our scope of work has been consistently growing in size and significance. The high number of Syrian refugees to relocate in Amman since 2011 means that new refugees continue to register everyday and our waiting list is always expanding.

Because CRP continues to grow every year, we rely on increasing donations to keep our activities going, such as our emergency-assistance program, or our daily classes at CRP’s Family Resource and Community Center. This is why we need you to fundraise for us!

By bringing your family and friends together to raise money and awareness about CRP’s work, there are many ways to fundraise. Hosting an event (a dinner, a live music show, a quiz, or an art auction . . .) is an easy way to help us.

How does it work? You organize and arrange the event: its format, location, date, and time. Then you invite the people and networks you know that are the most likely to be interested in helping humanitarian organizations make a difference to the current refugee crisis in the Middle East.

We then provide you with supporting materials about CRP, including videos and photos illustrating the impact of our activities, and the opportunity to Skype with one of our staff members during the event. We can also give you technical support and enable you to collect credit card donations. Offering an informative gathering will help your guests recognize the value of our work, and increase the likelihood of them donating.

There are many different, smaller ways you can organize a fundraising for CRP. These include arts and crafts fairs, fashion shows, cake sales, sponsored challenges such as marathons or litter picks, church or community group collections, and so on. Be creative!

Why is it so important? Together, we will raise funds and awareness about the appalling living conditions of urban refugees located in Amman. Moreover, the donations will be used for the sustained running our emergency assistance program and activities at CRP’s Family Resource and Community Center, helping us help more refugees in need.

If you are interested in organizing a fundraising for us, please contact:
[email protected]

Some tips for when you’ve decided to host!

  • Ask some friends or relatives to help you organize. Constructing your hosting team will help you make further work with fewer resources.
  • The cost of the event should be minimized. In other words, the ideal would be to get any item you require for its organization in advance, as a way to maximize its prospective contribution.
  • Matching donations. Look for potential contributors in your area: banks, supermarkets, and others.
  • Do not pressure people into donating, and be transparent about where the funds will go.
  • Try to get people to follow and like us on social media: