Computer skills may not seem like something that is necessary to refugees, and it definitely isn’t something that they can easily have access to.
“Some of the women who started the first ICDL class didn’t know how to hold a mouse, let alone work a computer, but the improvement we’ve seen with these women is incredible,” says Aseel, one of CRP’s staff members.

Many of the women in the CRP community have been learning basic computer literacy. A basic knowledge of computer principles hardware and software, which includes Microsoft Word, Excel and other skills through our International Computer Driving License program (ICDL). With the success CRP has seen with the ICDL program, we decided to take it to the next level by introducing a follow up program that the students can join after passing ICDL.

The follow up program (ICDL coding) offers classes in HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which allows the students to learn a new skill that’s very much needed in the modern workforce.

The program teaches several levels of coding, starting with basic commands up to creating a complete web page as the final project. “This course can help provide these women with a lot of opportunities, some companies nowadays only require proficiency in HTML and CSS,” says Mouamar, the program’s instructor.

From not knowing how to hold a mouse to being able to create a webpage, the development that these women have gone through truly shows how when given the proper tools, people can utilize their potential.
“I was nervous when I saw that a lot of students are of an older age because usually, older people don’t adapt to computer skills quickly. But they worked hard, and are doing an amazing job,” says Mouamar, the program’s instructor.

This program gives women at CRP the skills needed to enter a field that’s they wouldn’t be able to otherwise, as well as giving them something to be passionate about, a sense of purpose that takes them away from the idle life of being a refugee.“Since I passed the ICDL class and I discovered that I have a passion for this subject, I wanted to further develop my skills. I find it so interesting learning a coding language, and I think it would benefit me in the future,” says Raghad, one of the program’s students.

Many thanks to FAWCO for providing this opportunity to the women of CRP.