Today, I want to share with you a program at CRP that holds a special place in our hearts: ‘Leadership in Action’.

Here is one of our amazing trainers, Areej, giving a session about community empowerment.

The program is deeply committed to nurturing individuals, instilling in them the capacity to persistently contribute to their communities. Ante, CRP’s Photographer and Videographer, was very moved during a session where he saw familiar faces from various programs convening together. This is ‘Leadership in Action’.

The “Warm them Initiative” had volunteers at a Clothes Bank serve 35 families in need by sorting clothes.

There’s a reason why we love this program and all its amazing initiatives so much. ‘Leadership in Action’ is more than just a program, it’s an empowering and transformational journey! It’s brought from the community to the community.

This group picture was taken right after the last session of the Clothes Bank initiative.

Curious to know the mastermind behind this thriving program? Then take a listen to this short interview.


Ilaria Springhetti

Communications and Fundraising Officer