We could not be more pleased with the success of our Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our ongoing food voucher program. Within less than two weeks, we managed to blow past our $4500 goal to eventually raise $7973! A huge thanks to everyone who shared the campaign with their friends and networks. We also want to give a public shout out to all of you who contributed. There is no way this could have happened without your help and enthusiasm for the work we’re doing here in Amman.


David Albert,Ridgewood Da’wah Project
Victoria Sams,Allison Maires
Mike Metcalf,Ana E Valdes
Kellou Dorothée,Dennis Mills
Nabiha Nuruzzaman,Vince Houmes
Henry Chelune,Kierstin Van Camp-Horn
Tony Liao,John Nelson
Samy Labbouz,Peter Vrooman
Liz Fontaine,Janet Shomali
Kimberly Katz,Gunnar Sigurdsson
M.J.H. VanderMost,Jean Forst
April Pedersen,Margo Reichert
Layla Khuri,Bomi Framroze
Kathryn Gingles,Mohammed Raei
Linda McCreery,Nancy Higbee
“Dylan, Allison, Karen and Jim”,Louis Greco
Arie Baan,Robert McDonald
Alysia Fischer,Marielle Velander
Charles Lane,Kari Hilwig
Brad Brooks-Rubin,Christina Laurenzi
Martha Anne Taylor,Kelly Roache
Michelle Dickson,Elizabeth Cassar
Stephanie Reed,Kevin Witkow
Janitza Thabet,Estee Ward
Christopher Greco,Zoreh Sullivan
Joanie Dhillon,Lucy Saliger
Patrick Hanaway,Kevin Kelly
Khaled Naim,Susan Peterson
Simeon Adler,Alison Churchill
Alice Fuller,Elizabeth Rubin
Elizabeth Cai,Gloria Greco
Nicholas Adkins,Emily Trost
Deborah Williams,Nadine Toukan
Linda Young,Kathleen Morgan
Jill Manning,Susan Watkins
Ala’a Diab,Lara Kees
Veronica Ramadan,Donna Baker-Breningstall
Maria Drummond,Alexander Schinis
Kevin Donahue,Stephen Tyler