One of my favorite new things at CRP is a showroom that we recently opened at our community center in Downtown. The first time I wandered in, I found a massive selection of beautiful tote bags, pouches, furniture, wood carvings, and so much more–all created by the wonderful artisans of our upcycling program.

Let me give you a brief overview of this program. It was funded by DROSOS foundation–a non-profit organization based in Switzerland. Over 6 months, 15 participants of different nationalities, ages, and gender trained in topics such as business, social inclusion, first aid, firefighting, and work ethics.

In addition to these skills, they also learned to use discarded wood to create new furniture pieces. Their ingenuity doesn’t stop there though–they also used discarded plastic bags to design beautiful reusable tote bags in all different shapes and colors.

The upcycling tote bags process consists of 4 stages; first they clean the bags and iron them; second they cut them into design shapes; third they design and assemble them; and finally they sew them together. The process and talent involved is truly captivating.

If you are lucky enough to live here, the next time you stroll in downtown Amman, make sure to swing by our showroom and indulge in a fulfilling and unique shopping experience.

Tamara El Nimer
CRP Outreach Officer