Volunteering and Interning Information

CRP is always looking for committed interns and volunteers to help us run our programs! Please read the following carefully before reaching out to us. 

Volunteering vs. Interning:

Volunteers help us run programs at our Family Resource and Community Center, whereas interns provide more general administrative support, such as fundraising, social media and data management. Interns are required to commit more hours per week, and for a longer period of time, than volunteers.

Please consider carefully whether volunteering or interning would be a better fit for you, and fill out only the relevant application(s).


  • We expect volunteers to work with us for a minimum of three months, and those who can commit for longer periods will be given priority. You will be expected to commit a minimum of 2 to 4 hours a week.
  • Volunteers help run programs such as our After-School Club, Super Girls or English classes. English teaching volunteers must be native English speakers, preferably with previous English teaching experience. After-School Club and Super Girls volunteers must speak Arabic at a native or near-native level (preferably Jordanian dialect).
  • Volunteers with specific skills in areas such as dance, art, yoga, meditation, and martial arts are encouraged to apply for After-School club or Super Girls positions.

If you think you fit these requirements, please apply here.

English speakers who would like to volunteer from a distance are encouraged to apply for our E-Learning Language Exchange Program, by filling out this form.


  • We require interns to stay for a minimum of three months, and priority will be given to those who can commit for longer periods. Interns are required to work 20 to 25 hours a week, spread over three to four full days.
  • For interns, knowledge of Arabic is useful but not essential.
  • We offer internships in communication, marketing, photography/videography, donor relations, grants and data analytics (including data engineering, infrastructure, user interface, and project management).

CRP offers internships in a variety of areas. A typical scope of work, and an application form for each role, is attached below:

Applying to this position is currently unavailable.

Scope of Work

Background: The Collateral Repair Project (CRP) in Amman, Jordan has been providing assistance to refugee victims of violent conflict since 2006.  Our programs seek to restore dignity among these displaced populations as well as ensure their basic needs are met. We do so through running an Emergency Assistance Program and a Family Resource and Community Center, which hosts a varied program of activities and learning opportunities to allow refugees to rebuild the community ties they have lost. CRP’s great strengths are the wealth of knowledge we have about the refugee community in Amman and the strong relationships we have developed with the individuals we serve. 

One of our most popular programs serving hundreds of community members each semester is our English classes. Available to teenage and adult refugees, our English courses run regularly throughout the year. English-language skills are invaluable to refugees. Many Syrian and Iraqi refugees in our community hope to resettle in English-speaking countries. Learning to speak English can also help these refugees find employment in the future and more easily integrate into their new communities. In order to help our students practice as much as possible and increase their proficiency, we are expanding our e-Learning program where students can practice their conversational skills over Skype with teachers we have individually selected from around the world.

The intern will assist and report to the TEFL Coordinator.

Initial Commitment:

Days per week: 4 days a week. 

The intern will be responsible for:

  • Teach two English classes  
    • Leading two courses, each of which meets for 1 hour twice per week
  • Assist with outreach and registration of students
  • Assist with administering course placement tests and attendance
  • Assist teachers with class management or printing materials 
  • Help coordinate E-Learning program, including outreach support, communicating with participants, facilitating sessions, and taking attendance

Competitive applicants will have the following qualifications: 

  • Strong organizational and time-management skills
  • Committed, available to work 4 days a week (Sun-Thurs) 
  • Has experience working with refugees or other vulnerable communities – Accustomed to implementing trauma-sensitive programming 
  • Proficiency in Arabic and fluency in English (Native English speakers preferred) 
  • Has experience teaching English or foreign languages, preferred 

Social Media & Communications: apply here.

Social Media & Communications Scope of Work:

  • Maintaining Facebook and Instagram channels
  • To include day-to-day implementation, helping Marketing & Communications Officer with strategy and crafting posts along with other Communications Intern(s)
  • Writing blog posts
  • Writing weekly nonprofit bulletins gathered from industry newsletters
  • Writing and formatting monthly newsletter in MailChimp
  • Photographing distributions and programs for grant reporting, donor relations, etc. and writing thank you emails for the Executive Director
  • Taking photos and interviewing beneficiaries of CRP’s work be used on social media and other communications
  • Working on strategy and implementing the fundraising campaigns with the MarComs Officer and other interns
  • Other duties as assigned

Data and Applications: apply here.

Data and Applications Scope of Work:

  • Designing data collection techniques and building applications (using AppSheet and connected tools) to improve our data collection and beneficiary management processes, including:
  • Soliciting input on design needs
  • Cataloging app feature requests
  • Implementing application upgrades
  • Troubleshooting applications
  • Training staff and volunteers on new processes or updates
  • Creating data sources for consumption in reporting tools (Excel, Tableau) for use by internal stakeholders and management

– With enough incoming experience, the intern may also be able to get involved in areas such as the following:

  • Managing Extraction, Transformation and Loading (ETL) processes to take collected data and both structure and store it
  • Performing analysis as required in the areas of donors, marketing, measurement and evaluation, program management, registration, and/or distribution

– Qualifications:

  • Required: Strong analytical skills, attention to detail, proficiency in Excel or Google Sheets, experience or interest in nonprofits, good organizational skills, good interpersonal skills.
  • Preferred: Arabic and English fluency, previous experience with data engineering, preparation, and/or cleaning. Familiarity with AppSheet, Tableau, SQL, Python, or JavaScript a plus.

Donor Relations: apply here.

Donor Relations Scope of Work:

  • Marketing operations support
  • Take ownership of donor inquiries, provide level 1 support, and elevate issues as necessary to provide timely and high-quality support for our donors
  • Promptly respond to all inquiries and provide a positive and grateful experience for all donor interactions.
  • Keep donor interactions logged in Salesforce.
  • Provide input and develop plans to improve donor experience with Collateral Repair Project
  • Other duties as assigned

– Examples of the type of projects the intern would be responsible for:

  • Maintain and grow donor database using Salesforce
  • Gather past information about donors, including donation history and relationship history in an excel format.
  • Work with the Director of Data and Marketing to adapt Salesforce to meet our needs
  • Import donor history into Salesforce
  • Work with Director of Data and Marketing to build a plan to keep Salesforce fresh and usable for internal donor relations stakeholders
  • Develop new processes

Grant Reporting: apply here.

Grant Reporting Scope of Work:

  • Draft monthly grant reports for institutional donors
    • Coordinate with implementing staff to collect necessary information
    • Coordinate with communications team on a regular basis to ensure necessary
      photographs and materials are being collected
  • Draft monthly update for CRP’s board members
  • Assist with creation of internal reports (e.g. attendance report, MEL report)
  • Perform any other related activities as assigned by immediate supervisor

Videography: apply here.

Videography Scope of Work:

  • Help plan and execute CRP’s fundraising drives.
  • Maintain photo and video collection on Google Drive
  • Create 1-2 videos and photos per week for social media, website, and other uses. Videos topics will be assigned by CRP’s Marketing & Communications Officer.
  • Take photos and write distribution thank-you emails for Executive Director
  • Other duties as assigned

Graphic Design: apply here.

Graphic Design Scope of Work:

Intern will be responsible for:

  • Producing graphic design deliverables including but not limited to: 
    • Digital newsletter 
    • Email marketing visuals 
    • Organization reports
    • Infographics 
    • Brochures and flyers
  • Assisting with front-end web design for Collateral Repair Project’s website by:
    • Organizing and adding content 
    •  Implementing aesthetic suggestions to improve the website presentation 


Intern should have a background in the following: 

  • Experience working in graphic design and/or digital marketing 
  • Proficiency in the Adobe Suite applications (Photoshop, InDesign & Illustrator)
  • Experience using Mailchimp, a plus but not a requirement
  • Fluency in English, required; Working proficiency in Arabic, a plus

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning: apply here

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Scope of Work:

– Key roles and responsibilities

  • Contribute to the development and updating of the M&E work plan and ME frameworks for all ongoing projects
  • Assist in the development and implementation of appropriate data collection and analysis instruments, methodologies (e.g. survey questionnaires, focus group discussions, key-informant interviews) and data/information dissemination/utilization plans;
  • Assist with drafting logframes and questions for surveys, focus groups discussions, and interviews
  • Assist maintaining electronic and/or paper-based systems for tracking and reporting all quantitative data and information
  • Input paper-based information into an electronic database
  • Assist with analyzing M&E information for programs to provide recommendations for program optimization in the form of reports, factsheets with useful statistical analysis and presentation (charts, tables, histograms, box plots) as necessary
  • Assist documentation and sharing the lessons learned and best practices on time and ensure that the knowledge gained contributes to the improvement of projects.
  • Contribute to organizing and facilitating learning events in order to capture best practices and lessons learned when a project closes or as required
  • Conduct secondary source research to improve methods quality
  • Perform any other related activities as assigned by the immediate supervisor

– Skills and Experience Required

  • A University degree in relevant fields and subjects; Current students in their last year of studies are welcomed to apply
  • This position requires high computer literacy with full knowledge of office applications, Excel and Google drive
  • Fluent written and spoken Arabic and English language skills are required
  • Familiarity with data collection and monitoring and evaluation tools is desirable
  • Familiarity with data analysis is desirable
  • Excellent interpersonal communication skills and teamwork abilities
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet multiple deadlines
  • Ability to work in a hectic environment and adaptable to changes
  • An open communicator and a team player
  • Knowledge and understanding of the local context and of interaction with locals and refugees

Grant Writing: apply here.

Grant Writing Scope of Work:

  • Writing research reports, letters of inquiry, and grants, both on own as well as with the Director of Grants & Communications, and other members of the Grants Team
  • Developing project ideas compatible with CRP’s needs
  • Creating realistic budgets for projects
  • Updating work in spreadsheets, in adherence with Grants Team guidelines
  • Attending weekly Grants meetings (Mondays)
  • Other duties as assigned


We hire interns in 3-4 month sessions. Priority is given to interns who can stay for the entirety of a session, or longer. Spring intern positions are from January – April, summer positions are from May – August, and fall positions are from September – December.

More info:

  1. We expect interns and volunteers to be fully committed to the hours that they agree to work with us. Constant tardiness and absenteeism lets down the refugees that we serve and makes it difficult for us to run our programs, and you may be asked to leave if commitment becomes an issue.
  2. Our Community Center is open from 10 am to 5 pm from Sundays to Thursdays, with limited programming on Saturdays. We are closed on Fridays.
  3. We are unfortunately unable to provide a stipend or remuneration to interns and volunteers. Interns and volunteers are also not housed by CRP, though we can provide advice on how to find housing in Amman.
  4. We do not facilitate access to our beneficiaries for researchers. Anyone in violation of this rule will be asked to leave.

What we do provide:

  1. Opportunities to interact meaningfully with the refugee community in Hashemi Shamali and to learn about the challenges that urban refugees face. Also, a way to contribute to a worthwhile cause with your free time in Amman.
  2. Particularly for interns: professional development of skills that are broadly applicable across multiple sectors, such as fundraising and grant-writing.
  3. A large amount of opportunity to improve your Arabic language skills.

Read Brandon Ramsay’s blogpost about teaching English (Spring 2015, Fall 2016) at CRP here!