Noor is an ambitious young lady who’s been a great participant in so many programs which CRP offers, such as Painting, English, Calligraphy, Wood Carving, and Glass Engraving.

“Painting Class is my favorite! It has been my hobby since I was a child, and when I knew that CRP is running a painting class where I can develop my painting skills, I felt like I was alive again,” she says. Refugees in Jordan are largely prohibited to work, so they consider CRP a great place to fill their time with activities and learning opportunities.

Noor has recently participated in a bazaar held by CRP in Amman, where she had the chance to sell her paintings. This experience helped her for the first time to become financially independent.
She aims to major in Art and to become a well-known artist one day!
Noor had to flee twice from her home. Her first time was in 2004, when she had to leave with her family from Baghdad to Damascus and then again in 2014 from Damascus to Amman.

“I am definitely stronger now. CRP programs have empowered me, and I learned how to cope with stress and how to focus on what makes me happy rather than thinking of all the sad memories,” she says.

Collateral Repair Project (CRP) provides a range of psycho-social support programs that involve creative expression such as painting, wood carving, and glass engraving to engage the community in activities that are of interest to them.
These activities help them cope with their stress and trauma, and also to build resilience and a stronger sense of hope for their futures.

Noor is one of many refugees in our community with passion.
Lend a helping hand to bring more color into their lives!