Khaleeda & Laylah: Why Monthly Donation Is So Important

Khaleeda and Laylah share a taxi to come to CRP. Even pooling their change to pay the driver is difficult.

“We registered our names with CRP six months ago, but have never received anything,” Khaleeda explains.

The two friends don’t seem angry, just sad and frustrated. They wait, each with a toddling daughter on their lap, to speak with someone.

Khaleeda (right) and Laylah (left) and their families have been on our waitlist for several months. Become a Partner in Repair and help them and those like them.

Neither of their husbands can work. Khaleeda’s husband recently needed surgery. And Laylah’s husband has already been caught working twice. “He was working, but some of people from the Jordanian government, all the time they are looking for Sudanese (and Iraqis and Syrians) who are working without documents. They got my husband twice. They said if you work again, we’ll send you back to Sudan.” For the most part, refugees in Jordan cannot work due to Jordanian laws.

Meanwhile, medical expenses are difficult for them. Khaleeda and her husband tried at several organizations to get medicine, but were told that because they were not Syrian or Iraqi, they couldn’t receive help. For the most part, covering medicine or surgery is outside of CRP’s ability.

As Laylah tries to keep her wiggling daughter still, she says, “My girl, she has a Vitamin D deficiency.” This has created mobility issues for her, and has affected her legs. “She didn’t start walking until she was a year and half old. But I can’t buy the vitamins.”

Laylah’s daughter has a Vitamin D deficiency.

So, what has happened here? Why hasn’t CRP been able to help them yet? Right now, we only have the money to help 44 Sudanese families each month through food vouchers. The only way we can add more families is if we take someone off of our list, either because they no longer have the greatest need or because they’ve been resettled. And that is a very rare occurrence.

It’s a hard judgement to make, to add families to our monthly list. What if we run out of money, and have to take them back off?

This is exactly why monthly donation is so important for nonprofits like Collateral Repair Project. In order to prepare for the future, we need reliable income.

We’ve been lucky that a new grant will soon allow us to soon make more in-home assessments and add a few Sudanese families to our monthly food-voucher list. But that’s just the first step.

We need a new, second center that’s closer to where Khaleeda and Laylah live. We need a place where they can come with their daughters. And we need to make sure the often overlooked Sudanese, Somali, and Yemeni families are getting the help they need.

In the meantime, thanks to a generous supporter, we were able to procure a box of free Vitamin D samples for Laylah’s daughter. These will last her for two months, and we told Laylah to call us when they run out.

But for everything else, they’ll have to wait.

Good news! For every new monthly donor or upgraded current monthly donor this week, a generous donor will give us $50, up to $500!