One of CRP’s longest-running and most popular programs is the English classes that we offer to refugees (and Jordanians!) of all backgrounds and nationalities who live in our community. We kicked off our fall session classes three weeks ago with an English language assessment during which we tested 194 adults in our community and placed them into the appropriate English levels.


This semester, we are offering nine English classes: six beginner’s classes, two intermediate classes, and one advanced class. Rather than academic English, our classes focus on functional conversations and phrases that allow our students to communicate in everyday life.

Skits in the classroom are often about interactions at the marketplace, conversations at school, and greetings, and help our students improve their language skills in a fun and relaxing environment. In the classroom, they focus on working together and helping each other, as you can see in the video below!

Today, students in our English class worked with partners to learn colors and possessive pronouns. #amman #refug

education [Video description: A man in the center of the room gives instructions to the a group of 15 men and women in front of him. Shortly afterwards, they pair up and start talking with each other.]

Posted by Collateral Repair Project – Helping Urban Refugees in Jordan on Wednesday, October 12, 2016


For our students, the community within the classroom is as important as the lessons themselves.