unnamed-1A few weeks ago, two of our Partners in Repair hosted a Table to Table event at their home in Amman. Julie and Jessica, both teachers at the American Community School (ACS), created their own version of T2T – calling it “Ladies 2 Ladies.” They hosted 18 women for dinner to share CRP’s work and how to get involved. The women showed YouTube videos of CRP’s programs and activities and passed out flyers. Instead of raising money, each woman brought feminine hygiene products for CRP to distribute to women in our community. Julie explains, “The idea is that when the items are donated, then a woman doesn’t have to choose between comfort and food. Hopefully she can have both.”

Julie and Jessica are both very active supporters of CRP. Both learned about CRP after ACS held a “Rice Bucket Challenge” in October to collect a large amount of rice for us to distribute. The fundraiser inspired Julie and Jessica to become monthly donors and learn more about the ongoing refugee crisis.

When asked why they are so involved in CRP, Jessica replies, “The fact that refugees in Jordan cannot work, and therefore cannot put food on their table, really affected me. I take for granted the fact that I can feed my family, to the point where I am a very careless consumer. By making just a few smarter choices at the grocery store every week, I easily save what I then donate to CRP.”

Both women are big fans of CRP’s yoga program. Julie explains, “I love the yoga program. Helping the whole person is so important. Food, heat, shelter — all need to be addressed, but it doesn’t stop there.”

Julie and Jessica encourage everyone to get involved with CRP as monthly donors. We’re super thankful for our Partners in Repair, since they allow us to plan ahead and quickly respond to the needs of our community. Remember, if you’re interested in hosting a small party to spread the word about our work, we can provide you with everything you need!