During Ramadan, many community center programs at CRP were paused. However, as we move into August, summer programs at CRP are back in full swing!


Children’s Activities begin last week for 6-12 year olds. These educational activities offer participants the opportunity to develop math, literacy, interpersonal, and creative skills. Volunteers have worked to prepare this program for the past month, designing and revising age-appropriate games that build a supportive environment, where learning is the goal and fun is the vehicle. We’ll be running this program for three weeks are are really enjoying sharing these games with the kids

The Empowering Female Leaders (EFL) program began in the spring and started back up this week. A group of 25 women from the community come to the center every week to receive leadership training and support. Throughout summer, the training focuses on health and self-care. By the end of the program, the women will give leadership training to other members of their community and social circle, empowering many others through their dedication and outreach.

English as a Second Language (ESL) classes also start back up in August. ESL at CRP will be taught in two levels this month, one for beginners and one for moderate to advanced language learners. We’ve already had a strong start to this four week program!

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