It is so wonderful to reconnect with people that mean a lot to you in your life, isn’t it? Especially someone you worked with for a long time and found really inspiring.

Tamara and Hiba

I first met Hiba Qaddoumi in 2008 when I started working at FrontRow Publishing and Media Services here in Amman. I was the fashion editor at Living Well Magazine, and she was the magazine’s designer.

Hiba and I worked on endless photoshoots and assignments together. We clicked so well that we vacationed together in the US, and went on a trip to Thailand–sure, it was mainly for work, but we had such a good time that it didn’t feel that way. Over time, our roles evolved, our lives changed, and we found ourselves wandering down different career paths.

When I first started working at CRP, it was a completely different ballgame from anything I had done before. Switching from media to mom to nonprofit fundraising (with a lot of stops in between) is most certainly not a direct path! But, the passion I have for this community forced me to get my legs under me, and fast.

Anyone who knows me knows that one of the things I love most about CRP is Hope Workshop. I knew Hiba’s background could be so helpful in that creative environment, so I asked her to drop by our Hashemi center for a visit.

Hiba met our livelihoods program manager and they clicked. She met our Executive Director and they clicked. She met the talented women from the community who work at Hope and they clicked. Each meeting was a sign–a sign that she had found her place.

She agreed to help at the workshop and through loving intention, keen observation, and a beautiful creative vision, she soon became an irreplaceable part of the team.

I am so happy that Hiba has joined our wonderful community at CRP. Not only because I get to work with her yet again, but also because I can see that her talent and passion is reflected in everything she does.

Here’s to Hiba, and everyone else, who makes this community shine bright.

Tamara El-Nimer
Outreach Officer