Livelihood Programs

Our Livelihood Programs help refugees gain new skills and abilities that they may be able to use to support themselves and their families. While it is illegal for refugees to work in Jordan, participating in these courses helps people feel as though they are not wasting their time and are actively working towards a better future for themselves.

We hold all of our programs at our Family Resource and Community Center. Livelihood Programs include:

Many of our programs have livelihood components, but their focus is on Education, Trauma Relief, Women’s Empowerment, or Youth.

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Challenges Elderly Refugees Face in Jordan

“I’m 60, although I don’t look like my age,” laughs Kareem, who came to Jordan in 2011 after having fled the war in Yemen. “But here, when you are over 35, people think that there is no use for you anymore,” he says. Many refugees in Jordan live in precarious financial situations. Elderly refugees often […]

A Place for Neglected Communities to Heal and Grow

CRP’s new downtown center opened recently to provide a safe space for neglected refugee communities. Read more to learn what kind of classes beneficiaries are most excited about!

New Skillset Leads to New Sense of Purpose

Essam and and his son Maher fled Syria to Jordan and are learning to cut hair at CRP’s Barbershop program. Designed to increase refugees’ livelihood, the program also gives people back a sense of purpose. . .

Beauty School Isn’t Just About Salon Skills

Aseel moved her fingers back and forth to mimic to the movement of scissors. “I like the hair cutting. When I started I was really not good but now I am very good,” she shared with a confident grin.

Refugees Build Hope Through New Technological Skills

Professional classes, such as the new cellphone repairing class, aim to teach refugees important skills that they can replicate outside of CRP, enabling them to build their home-based businesses so that they can and make a living out of it.

Sa’eed and Saleem, Community Builders at CRP

The barbershop serves as more than just a teaching tool. It’s also a place men of the community can gather to have conversations and bond.

New Skills & Friendships at CRP’s Barbershop

Three years ago, CRP began offering professional crash courses in the barber trade. Because refugees are largely not allowed to work in Jordan, learning skills that they can barter or use in informal employment settings is important.