Beauty School

“I can work in my house and outside in the salon. Thank god they opened this course for us and thanks so much to CRP!” — Sawsan, Graduate of Beauty School

CRP’s Beauty School meets twice each week to learn salon skills such as cutting hair, waxing, threading, and manicures. Upon graduation from the course, the women each receive a kit filled with supplies. This gives the women the ability to apply their new skills outside of the community center and possibly provide a livelihood in the future. Make-up and hair skills are always in demand for weddings and holiday celebrations in the community.

Beauty School also creates a space where women can come together and socialize. Oftentimes, with nothing else to do, women will remain at home every day. Beauty School gets them out of the house in a fun and productive way. At Beauty School, women can joke and laugh, share stories and build connections with other women. Many refugee women can’t afford nail polish or other little things that they had back in their home countries, and so beauty school also helps them regain a sense of their normal lives.

Building this community provides structure and hope for the future. The skills the women learn can be passed on and is a fun way to regain some control.

Special thanks to FAWCO for their support in this program!