Phase 1 of the Community Art Project is well underway!

For the past 2 weeks, CRP Interns, Grace & Milkay (that’s me!), have been at the Downtown center every day working on murals–from morning to evening. We haven’t been working alone, however–these murals have completely transformed the space thanks to the help of staff, volunteers, Summer Camp kids, and adults taking classes.

We decided the easiest method to put the sketches on the walls would be by gridding them. Grace would figure out proportional measurements based on the size of the wall, and we’d draw 3×4 grids. Then, she’d make her magic happen, re-drawing another version of all the digital sketches she made.

Next up (and easily the most fun part)–painting, painting, and more painting!

Thanks to all the wonderful people who participated–especially children in the after school and Summer Camp programs who helped out everyday–we were able to finish the individual murals much faster than expected.

Each drawing was the product of community members themselves. Some ideas were meant to hold symbolic representation of CRP values–such as the woman watering the ground around her.

Others, like the man playing an oud (a Middle Eastern string instrument) and the coffee cups with a dallah (a traditional Middle Eastern kettle), were meant to symbolize the shared aspects of Middle Eastern culture across nationalities.

These four murals are just the beginning, but already the art has transformed the courtyard into a more vibrant space. Many people passing by would stop, look at the murals, and open up to us about what the murals reminded them of.

Milkay Teysir
CRP Summer Intern