What if I told you that an elementary school kid could bring much needed donations to CRP? And what if they could do so by learning and reading?

Scroll down to find out how. I promise, you’re going to love this.

Izzy, with her mom, Darla (on the left), CRP Comms and Fundraising Manager, and Tamara (on the right), CRP Outreach Officer and Izzy’s friend.

Meet Izzy, our superstar who raised over $500 for CRP.

How did she do it? Well, when her school, International Community School (ICS) in Amman, decided to participate in our Reading 4 Refugees fundraiser, Izzy set down her iPad and picked up a book–reading over 1,000 pages in 4 weeks.

Follow Izzy’s example and read from unique places–like ancient Roman ruins!

But how does the program work?

Here is Reading 4 Refugees in a nutshell:
1. Find some sponsors who will pledge a certain amount (like $1, $2, or $5) for every book you read (Izzy achieved this by sending a 1-minute video and a short email to about 15 friends and family members who were happy to contribute).
2. Read! And keep track in a reading log for the duration of the fundraiser (ICS did 4 weeks, a school in the US does a full year, and another school in Jordan does a term–it’s flexible to your timeline).
3. When the fundraiser is over, let your sponsors know how it went and what they owe (Izzy did this by–you guessed it–sending another cute 1-minute video).
4. Collect the money from your sponsors and your school will donate it on their behalf or sponsors can donate directly to CRP.

CRP’s library has been growing thanks to donations from local partners.

That’s it! And, we make it as easy as possible for your school by creating forms, template emails, slideshows and even a customized webpage!

So, not only will your child read more, but it will also be for a great cause. Know someone that would like to implement Reading for Refugees in their school? Let me know by replying to this email.


Communications and Fundraising Officer