Khalida 3
When we arrived at Nawal’s apartment, the electricity and heating were turned off to save money.  Nawal, a single mother of two teenage daughters, was a lawyer in Iraq before she and her daughters fled to Amman in 2012.  Her husband had been killed in Iraq and she had begun to receive death threats related to her work.

CRP provides Nawal and her children with food vouchers per month. CRP’s community center is also a resource for Nawal and her daughters, who attend school, and come often to use the computers—especially during the long winter break.

It is become increasingly difficult for Nawal’s family to make ends meet. The family is already one month behind in rent and the prospect of finding a cheaper apartment is next to impossible. Most similarly sized apartments in the area are even more expensive due to increased demand from the influx of Syrian urban refugees.  If Nawal cannot pay her rent soon, they will have to leave the apartment.

“I am alone. I cannot take care of myself alone.”

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