CRP is lucky to host volunteers from all around the world that bring fresh, exciting activities to our centers. Most recently, both our youth and adult programs were invigorated by a meditative form of martial arts taught by a high-spirited, quirky volunteer named Roxey. 

Roxey is originally from the United States but now lives in Munich, Germany. She is an energetic advocate for creating a safe, happy, peaceful, and healthy world. “Contributing to the future and to youth,” she notes, “is what drives me.” By traveling around the globe teaching Tai Chi, dance, singing, and massage techniques, she is making a difference the best way she knows how. 

She loves Tai Chi as it is a moving meditation, though it is first and foremost a martial art, that drastically improves the health of internal organs, joints, limbs, and increases flexibility. She has been practicing since 2000 and her step-father is a Tai Chi master.

Lots of laughs at Roxey’s summer camp lessons.

Roxey’s spirit is contagious. Her passion for Tai Chi and helping others is uplifting and all inclusive. She brings her light and wealth of knowledge to all reaches of the world. A member of a women’s club in Munich, a partner of FAWCO (Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas), Roxey was able to successfully campaign for a development grant for an all girls’ school in India provided by FAWCO. It covered tuition, medical care, transportation, school supplies, and food costs of ten students for a year. Apart from her time in India, she has also brought Tai Chi to a school for abused girls in Kenya.

Roxey demonstrating a Tai Chi sequence.

Her passion for improving mental and physical health has led her to Collateral Repair Project. Immediately her classes became a crowd favorite. It is nothing but smiles when Roxey is leading a class. It is this energy that made Roxey fall in love with the environment here at CRP. She refers to one lesson in particular where she led a Teen All Stars group in massages. She describes the high level of engagement, eagerness to participate, and how quickly they mastered the techniques. It is a healthy and meditative way for CRP beneficiaries to stay active while relieving stress and having fun! 


Our downtown center enjoying Roxey’s games!

She is sad to be leaving us soon, but is excited for what the future holds. She is returning to Germany to continue as a career coach, psycho-spiritual soul doctor, and Tai Chi teacher. She hopes that her next big trip will be to Botswana. Roxey knows that she will miss CRP dearly and the children and staff that she has grown close to, but she is grateful for the opportunity to have volunteered with “such an inviting and friendly organization”.