Meet Adnan

One of newest volunteers, Adnan, joined CRP two months ago after originally taking English classes here with his mother. Back in Iraq, he worked for Doctors Without Borders as a purchase officer, where he facilitated the stocking of medical supplies for the organization’s shop.

He and his family were forced to flee when DAESH invaded Iraq. First they went to Kurdistan, where they had to sell their car to buy plane tickets to Jordan. “DAESH destroyed everything when they came,” says Adnan. “They destroyed what my grandfather built for my father and what my father built for me.”

With no brothers, and a father who wasn’t able to work, the responsibility of caring for his five sisters and mother fell on Adnan. “My English used to be better when I worked with Doctors Without Borders. And I want to improve my language, but I work two jobs now and finding time is hard,” he says.

Some of his family have since returned to Iraq, but there wasn’t much to return to after DAESH left. Adnan says they destroyed almost everything in his town and it now lacks even a school. He talks to them nearly every day, but the recent flare ups between the Iraqi government and the Kurds has him worried.

“I want to eventually get out of the Middle East. Life is so difficult here as a refugee. I want to go to another country and start my life so I can get my family out of Iraq,” Adnan says. “I’m scared for my mother and sisters, I just want to save them.”

At CRP, Adnan helps in many capacities, including food-voucher distributions, men’s yoga, and activities for teens.

Adnan applied for resettlement, but most refugees will never see their applications go through. In the meantime, he plans to keep trying to build a better future for his family.