CRP has a new TEFL coordinator. Yasmin, a former student and intern, took the helm this week! Read our Q & A to learn more about her path from student to leader.

Yasmin at CRP

You started out as an English student at CRP. Did you ever think at the time that you would eventually lead the English program?

Of course not! At that point, I did not even dream about it.

How did you work your way up from student to coordinator?

It was really hard. It took time and effort. Having great people at CRP who cared about me changed my life. That was the first step and then I became passionate about CRP and its people. The amazing previous coordinator later chose me to be her intern. Working with her was the best time of my life. She trained me so well and I was luckily chosen for this position. I hope to continue this amazing career of giving.

CRP recently updated its English curriculum. Do you think students and teachers are enjoying the changes? Have you received any feedback?

We worked really hard to make this curriculum. We made changes based on the previous teachers’ notes and feedback. We always try to keep our curriculum updated so it will be as helpful as possible to our students. We’ve gotten feedback and everyone is enjoying the new material.

CRP recently started a conversational club. Can you tell me about the convo club and how it’s different from English classes?

Previously, we had a lot of feedback from students saying they wanted more time to speak English. We thought about the best way to honor their request and we created the Conversation Club, a space where anyone can talk in English with the guidance of a teacher or two. The club chooses a topic at each session and then they talk about it in English. Everyone seems to like it and it’s helping a lot of students develop their conversational skills.

For those who are interested in volunteering, can you explain what’s expected from volunteer English teachers? What qualifications do you look for in applicants?

For our English teachers, the main thing we look for is a passion for helping refugees learn English. Also, we need volunteers to be committed to the program. We do provide the teachers with the curriculum and materials, and we offer advice and training. A lot of teachers didn’t know how to teach or had never taught before, but after they finished a semester, they said it was the best experience. So, we welcome everyone to join us.

Why do you think it’s helpful for our beneficiaries to learn English?

Most of our beneficiaries want to be resettled in an English-speaking country, and others still want to learn English because they consider it the ‘language of the world.’ So, we’re doing the best we can to make this part of their lives.

Is there anything else you would like to add about the English program or your goals for the upcoming year?

The thing I want to add is that CRP is like a home and everyone who works here is the best! Volunteering with CRP will surely give anyone experience and training that will help them in the future.

CRP is currently looking for volunteer English teachers, interns and e-learning partners. Check back this week for more information.