Meet Karam, CRP’s New Education Specialist!

Before working at CRP, Karam worked with a nonprofit called the Middle East Children’s Institute. She was an educational specialist for Syrian refugees working with school-aged children up 12 years old. Prior to her work at MECI she was a teacher at Amman Public schools for five years. She also has worked with the Gifted and Talented program here in Amman, where she designed interactive programs for advanced students.

Karam’s father is a Palestinian refugee and she went to a school for Palestinian refugees and their descendants here in Amman. While in school she became interested in English due to a teacher. Karam said, “She was a very passionate teacher,” adding, “that’s when I decided I wanted to be like her,” and become an English teacher. At university in Jordan, she studied English language and literature.

Karam wants to guide the after-school program and create a more robust agenda. “A lot of refugee children don’t go to school . . . it is very important to provide an environment that is planned and structured so that they can excel in their learning.” Most of the children at CRP hope to be resettled in countries like Australia, Canada, or America. Karam points out that CRP is “providing a transition phase for them.”

Karam also wants the after-school program to be a place where the kids can be social and learn to interact with others because many are not allowed outside to play. At CRP they can interact with other nationalities like Jordanians, Syrians, and Iraqis and make new friends. According to Karam, “This will help them when they go to other countries.”

The CRP staff is so glad to have Karam at CRP and we are grateful for her help running our after-school program and summer camp for the kids!