Meet Our New Volunteers!

So much of what we do at CRP would not be possible without our team of volunteers and interns, who lead English classes, help out with the After School Club, and run our social media accounts. In the past year, we’ve had volunteers from a variety of countries such as the United States, England, Hong Kong, and, of course, Jordan, and with a range of different backgrounds and experience levels. We’re grateful to each of these individuals for the energy and commitment they have brought to their volunteer experiences.

Recently, CRP welcomed two new summer interns, Reina Sultan and Morgan Rielly. “I am really excited to be at CRP because this staff takes ‘community based organization’ very seriously. Having refugees on the staff who can really contribute the desires of the communities is so important and empowering,” Reina says.

Reina is at CRP as a Peace Fellow with the Advocacy Project, which partners with community organizations and sends Peace Fellows to help the organizations develop projects and acquire advocacy tools. Reina will support the Hope Workshop, our women’s craft collective, where she will spearhead the development of a new embroidery group. “When they have the skills, the women will be asked to create advocacy squares which feature their stories of displacement, hardship, and joy. This can often be a cathartic release for them and will be a fantastic form of advocacy in the States,” Reina says.

“One of the reasons I wanted to work with CRP is because how embedded they are in Hashemi Shamali.”

Before coming to CRP, Reina studied political science at University of California, Santa Barbara, and spent a year as an English teaching assistant in France. Her own parents were Lebanese refugees and this personal connection serves as a motivator for her work. “I feel especially connected to this cause as my father’s family fled Lebanon during the civil war, while my mother’s family lived in Tripoli throughout the whole conflict. I can only imagine what would have happened if refugees weren’t welcomed into America at that time. So, I want to do my part to make refugees feel welcomed and safe in their new communities,” Reina says.

Morgan Rielly is obtaining a double major in government and legal studies and religion at Bowdoin College. “I am interested in learning about how NGOs work internally and the role they play in their communities. One of the reasons I wanted to work with CRP is because how embedded they are in Hashemi Shamali. This is different from how a lot of other NGOs tend to operate,” he says.

Morgan is taking over CRP’s social media accounts; for the rest of the summer, he’ll be managing Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, as well as writing weekly blog posts. He will also lead activities at our summer camp, which will start in July after the end of Ramadan.

Are you interested in interning with us this fall? Keep an eye out later this summer when we start our search for fall volunteers.