Meet Suleiman!

I first came to CRP in 2012 as a student in one of their English lessons. My mother, who is still a committed student in the course, insisted that I attend with her to improve my English and to meet new people. I agreed to come, but I was nervous about being unwelcome, as I hadn’t formally signed up for it.

As soon as we entered CRP, I was greeted with so many different accents, dialects, and languages. The voices and laughter of Iraqi, Syrian, and Jordanian beneficiaries seemed to transcend all regional, religious, and national boundaries. The man taking attendance, a now-resettled volunteer named Abu Yasir, greeted me with a smile and quickly welcomed me in.

That day marked the beginning of my journey at CRP. This is a journey that is ongoing and has been life-changing. It has led to me becoming confident with public speaking, which nourished and supported my interest in theater. I became comfortable using computers and eventually taught a computer class at CRP. With CRP’s assistance, I was finally able to return to school and finish my education. I also learned how to skate board!

My relationship with CRP continues to shape my present and future. And this relationship started with nothing but a smile. To this day, my progress and growth are fueled by the support and faith that the beneficiaries, staff, interns, and volunteers have so lovingly given me.

This support and faith that changed my life is fueled by your generosity.

CRP is a community of people dedicated to building relationships and friendships across differences to achieve shared goals. I hope you will join CRP by becoming a Partner in Repair (monthly donor) or sending us an encouraging message.