The Grants Team at CRP is responsible for pursuing funding opportunities from larger organizations such as corporations and foundations. The team gathers every Monday afternoon, ready to identify, discuss, and pursue the funding opportunities CRP needs to keep it going. These weekly meetings, while casual in nature and within a small team, are crucial for ensuring the team moves forward together in a coordinated way. 

Natalie Bark joined the grants team in April 2019, and was first drawn to CRP for its holistic and comprehensive approach towards community support. During her time with the grants team, Natalie focused on women’s livelihoods and empowerment. Her time with the grants team allowed her to learn firsthand about the processes involved with applying for and receiving grants. After her CRP internship, Natalie will pursue a Masters in Medical Anthropology at the University of Oxford.

Suleiman worked with the grants team in July and August. An Iraqi from the Hashemi Shamali neighborhood where CRP operates, Suleiman has been connected to CRP for a long time and has brought with him a unique insight and perspective. Suleiman commented that he has consistently been inspired by his time with CRP, and is leaving now to return to his final year in high school.

Emily McNamara joined the grants team in May 2019. During her internship, Emily helped the grants team adopt SalesForce software to track opportunities. She has been impressed by CRP’s focus on psychosocial support and believes she now better understands the work that goes into effective program implementation. In September, Emily will continue to Palestine to volunteer with non-profit organizations.

Finally, the newest member of the grants team is Sandhya Haridas, who joined in July 2019. A recent graduate of International Relations & Human Rights from Monash University, Australia, Sandhya came to CRP to obtain hands-on work experience with a grassroots non-profit organisation. She is learning about grants processes and the inner workings of a grassroots organisation. She has found her short time with CRP rewarding thus far and looks forward to the months to come.

Leading the Grants Team since February 2019 is Sarah Harpending, CRP’s Partnerships, and Grants Officer. Sarah is a driving force in actively seeking out reliable sources of funding for CRP’s programming, and in the work of forging partnerships with other non-government organisations and community-based organisations in Amman. Sarah’s guidance allows the team to work together cohesively in its constant search for funding opportunities, and this is integral to the sustainability and growth of CRP’s programming. 

August 2019 has marked a significant time of transition in our close-knit team, with three of our members moving on from CRP, and the confirmed Fall 2019 grants team on their way in. Always on the lookout for skilled and motivated team members, the grants team will be recruiting once again at the end of this year for Winter 2019/Spring 2020.