10922413_10153851736257814_8395106621245304171_oFor the past few weeks, CRP has been hosting a weekly men’s support group for several men in the community. The men sit together in a circle and have the opportunity to share the daily challenges they face in an atmosphere of mutual respect and confidentiality.

Susan, a CRP volunteer, who facilitates the group, finds that sitting and talking in a circle “makes us feel safe and can invite people into more meaningful conversation. When we sit in a circle, it allows the nervous system to relax and allows us to come to ourselves.”

A talking piece ensures that only the man holding the object can speak and gives every man a chance to share his thoughts. “This group acts as an emotional release for these men because everyone can speak freely,” says Salem, a Syrian refugee who also leads the group. “Everyone deals with their situation differently and this group gives men the opportunity to share how they are feeling and learn from their neighbors.”

This group helps foster community by giving these men a safe space to talk about their problems and express their opinions without fear of judgment.