This past month, we added a number of families to our monthly food voucher program. One of those families is Wasfi and Hiba’s family of five, who recently left Basra in southern Iraq due to sectarian violence and concerns about their safety. We found them living in one room with one small mattress to share and hardly any food. Last week we brought them mattresses, blankets, pillows, and kitchen supplies, and added them to our monthly food voucher program.

Wasfi New Family

Like Wasfi and Hiba, Bassem, a single father, will now be receiving monthly food vouchers from CRP. Bassem’s daughter Sawsan has phenylketonuria, a metabolic genetic disorder which makes it difficult for her to break down protein. Sawsan’s mother left her and Bassem when Sawsan was a toddler, further complicating their situation. Sawsan needs a special type of milk due to her medical problem, which costs $85 a bottle, a price that is impossible for Bassem to afford. Bassem and Sawsan now receive monthly food vouchers and we are working with him to obtain the milk that Sawsan needs.

Food is essential for everyone, which is why CRP aims to help as many families who have no other means to obtain it. As more and more refugees lose food aid from organizations that can no longer provide it, we are approached by more families than ever who need help putting food on the table. As always, the bulk of your support is going to provide food assistance to those who need it most.