Over the past few weeks CRP has been visited by group of musicians working in collaboration with B Major, a local music organization in Jordan. IMG_1118The musicians have been working with small children and CRP’s teen group.

For the younger children, they conduct a general music class in which the children sing and learn how to play elementary instruments like the recorder and drums.

“The concept is to promote play and expression,” says Garrett Rubin, one of the musicians. “The structured environment at CRP is the ideal setting for children to flourish and express themselves through music.”

IMG_1130The teen group has been learning how to play instruments including the violin, guitar, saxophone and trombone. One session ended with the group writing and performing a song. Rubin explains, “They wrote everything–the words, the melody . . . everything. We [the musicians] just harmonized.”


Watch a video of the teen group singing the song they composed.