English classes are in full swing! Last week we began a new session of classes to accommodate many more interested students! Our teachers and students create a fun and relaxing atmosphere where everyone is comfortable speaking, joking, and asking questions! Providing support and encouragement is just as important as teaching English and often the two go hand in hand. For anyone who has studied a foreign language, one of the most difficult parts can be speaking and practicing with others. With each class, it is clear that students become more confident and comfortable with each other.

Lessons based on real-life and practical situations are core to CRP’s English classes. Teachers help students master the vocabulary and phrases needed for daily life, such as making a doctor’s appointment or shopping for groceries. Hekmet, a father of two, is learning English so that he can teach it to his children. He has dreams of his children being able to use it in future successful careers. He believes that he is investing in his children by working to teach them English. He also enjoys coming to English classes for himself because his friends attend as well!