20150210_121111CRP added two new families to our Food Voucher Program this week. The first is a family of three from Iraq who are living in a small apartment with a collapsing, leaky ceiling and no furniture. They are living without blankets, mattresses, and carpets in the cold of their deteriorating apartment.

Neither the couple’s son Fareed nor his father Maher is allowed to work because Jordanian law forbids refugees from obtaining work permits. Meeting his family’s needs is becoming increasingly difficult because of medical expenses for his wife Noor who suffers from diabetes and heart problems in addition to living in sub-standard conditions. Fortunately, now they do not have to worry about purchasing food so the money can go to other expenses such as medical bills. They are incredibly grateful that CRP has been able to help ease their strain.

The second family is Nadia and Hiba who fled from Syria are now living alone in Amman because their relatives are still in Syria. They were living in the Za’atari Refugee Camp in Jordan, but had to find a new home because it was unsafe for the single mother and her daughter. Their current home is a one-room, unheated apartment in East Amman that contains a small stove, two beds, and a bathroom separated by a thin wooden wall. Nadia and her fourteen-year-old daughter have no official documents, which prevents Hiba from being able to enroll in school. Thanks to CRP, they now receive monthly vouchers to purchase food.  In addition to receiving food vouchers, they attend wellness and yoga classes in our new community space. Nadia also loves participating in our “Be the Change” program, which provides a safe space for refugee teens to talk about their experiences and develop their leadership skills. Nadia and Hiba are not just having their immediate needs met through our Food Voucher Program, but are benefiting mentally and emotionally through our expanded programming.