Facing Winter as a Refugee in Amman

Most people think of Jordan as a warm, parched, desert landscape. But, during the winter, heavy rains trail freezing temperatures, and stone buildings provide little in the way of insulation.

Refugees Prepare for Christmas Far From Homes

Ameera faces financial barriers in Jordan and can't afford a tree or stockings, but Ameera is determined to celebrate Christmas this year.

A Refugee Kid in Amman

No food, no school, no ordinary life. Young Emad and his family were forced to flee Syria in the wake of bombings and destruction. Since coming to Amman, life has not been easy either.

Sa’eed and Saleem, Community Builders at CRP

The barbershop serves as more than just a teaching tool. It’s also a place men of the community can gather to have conversations and bond.

Jenan’s Bravery

Jenan was a normal sixth-grade girl in Syria. One day while in the garden, alone, Jenan’s home was hit by a bomb. She passed out because of the many broken bones in her face and body.

CRP’s Sudanese Expansion

Currently, CRP distributes food vouchers to the Sudanese community. However, the neighborhood is already highly underserved by aid organizations and CRP’s funding is limited.

How Computers Gave Haneen Her Confidence Back

Over the course of the computer class, Mr. Ivin’s patience, encouragement, and simple program illustrations have provided Haneen with new-found confidence.

Two Men, Two Religions, Two Nationalities, One Community

In CRP’s community center, things like religion, political ideologies, and nationalities are left at the door. And a community is being built by those without one.

Scraping By As a Sudanese Refugee in Amman

The Sudanese have a far more difficult time providing for their families, having to face discrimination and the constant threat of being deported.

Why Nadia Sold Her Gold

Nadia’s journey to CRP has been rough. Facing war and religious persecution, Nadia’s family is one of many who have recently fled Iraq.