Painting the Mural!


CRP’s community center is now more special and unique with the completion of the mural project in the yard area. After weeks of work, the teen members of our Dreams Group completed the mural along with wonderful help from some dedicated volunteers.10390562_10153119639687814_4952771779115178146_n

Funding was provided by the Oceanside Rotary Club and the Rotary Club of Nanaimo, both based on Vancouver Island in Canada. The work and planning was overseen by two volunteers, Alex Dawley and Eman Bermani. Abu Farah, a community member and former professional painter, provided his expertise in the mixing of the paints and the technical aspects of the project.


Included in the mural is the word ‘salaam’ surrounded by a multicolored pattern, doves, flowers, and a dedication to those who took part in the work and supported it. The mural has been a unique and informative experience for the teens who were involved and we have are certain it will have a positive influence on those who will interact with it in the future. The teens and adult volunteers spent many long days working on the mural, and it’s been their hard work that has made it possible for us to have such a unique and beautiful work of art in our back yard!