Mutaz Mango & Basma Omar | Source: The Jordan Times

Although everyone grows up imagining how their wedding day will unfold, the actual celebration often takes a slightly different form. For newlyweds Mutaz Mango and Basma Omar, this was certainly the case, and in the best way: their special day became a special day for hundreds. Instead of inviting only their family and friends, the couple also threw a party for Syrian, Iraqi, and other refugees living in Amman. The celebration gave urban refugees the opportunity to do something they have not done in a long time, if ever: celebrate and enjoy their new lives here in Amman.

The King Ghazi Hotel in Amman’s historic downtown played host to the celebration. In addition to providing food, music, and entertainment for the refugee community, the couple partnered with CRP to hand out food vouchers, which they went on to deliver in person. These food vouchers were able to feed 36 families, or 96 children and 76 adults.

Mr. Mango realizes that he and his wife are fortunate and that, if political situations were to change, his new family could end up in the same position. With the United Nations recently discontinuing funding for food vouchers for 229,000 Syrian refugee families in Jordan, he emphasized how crucial it is to donate to those in need.

The newlyweds both work at a yoga center called the Chi Studio in Shmeisani, and Basma Omar also works with a small business to provide women with sewing machines to provide a source of income. In addition to the party and the food vouchers the couple also are planning to donate all of their wedding gifts to urban refugees.

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