Federation of American Women’s Clubs Overseas (FAWCO) is an international network of volunteer organizations with member clubs in 34 countries. FAWCO works to improve the lives of women worldwide, particularly in the areas of human rights, education, and health.  FAWCO partners with Collateral Repair Project for Super Girls, ICDL Certification for Women, Beauty School and Women’s Empowerment at Collateral Repair Project’s Community and Family Resource Center. These programs seek to empower women and girls in the local refugee community through education and mindfulness.

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ICDL Coding Class for Women at CRP

Computer skills may not seem like something that is necessary to refugees, and it definitely isn’t something that they can easily have access to. “Some of the women who started the first ICDL class didn’t know how to hold a mouse, let alone work a computer, but the improvement we’ve seen with these women is […]

SuperGirls’ Battle with Trauma

Our daily program teaches young refugee girls how to cope with the effects of trauma thanks to support from FAWCO and their educational experts. Read about how these girls made a huge comeback over the course of the Supergirls program!

Beauty School Isn’t Just About Salon Skills

Aseel moved her fingers back and forth to mimic to the movement of scissors. “I like the hair cutting. When I started I was really not good but now I am very good,” she shared with a confident grin.

CRP’s Leaders Fight Gender-Based Violence

We first developed our GBV course after hearing that many men in the community felt depressed or angry due to their inability to legally work in Jordan and unstable financial situation. This was leading to more fighting at home.

Introducing . . . CRP’s SuperGirls!

We are so excited for the start of CRP’s program, SuperGirls! SuperGirls provides a safe place for young, refugee girls to talk and heal from traumatic experiences.

CRP’s Staff Benefits from Trauma-Sensitivity Training

In preparation for the new Super Girls program, our education consultant held trauma-sensitivity training for CRP’s staff early last week. The two-day program taught us how to spot and appropriately react to signs of trauma.

Education Consultant Beryl Cheal Brings Wealth of Experience to CRP

CRP is lucky enough to bring Beryl Cheal on as an education consultant through a grant from FAWCO! Beryl arrived the beginning of September and immediately got to work designing our new Super Girls program.

This Summer: Hot, Busy, & Fun!

Though the weather in Amman remains hot and sunny, summer at CRP is coming to a close. This month, we said goodbye to Tim Loh, our former Programming and Administrative Manager, and welcomed in Lilly Crown.

CRP Gets Kids Back to School

This summer, CRP staff has been working tirelessly to gather funds and supplies to enroll more of our community’s children in school.

CRP Starts New Programs in Expanded Community Center!

Our winter session begins February 8, and alongside all the activities we held in 2014 we’ll add several new programs in our newly expanded space.