Rotary International

Rotary International is an international network of leaders and organizations that unite to encourage humanitarian work and advance peace in the world. Rotary International currently consists of over 35,000 “member clubs,” and 1.2 million individuals have joined the network. Rotary International partners with Collateral Repair Project for our Back to School Campaign, which includes After-School Club, Teen Group, and Parent’s Awareness initiatives. With the help of Rotary International, Collateral Repair Project was able to provide 1,181 children with three months worth of school supplies, backpacks, and uniforms in 2017.

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Thank You, American Community School!

Kids love to run around, play, and do sports. Since there are no adequate facilities around Hashemi Shamali, CRP partnered up with the American Community School and Blossom Hill to create a regular sports program at the ACS facilities . . .

Rotary Provides Place for Teens to Gather

Every Saturday, teens gather at CRP to listen to speakers, partake in activities, and sometimes just to hang out. The meetings, sponsored by Rotary International, are designed to encourage creativity and foster friendships.

This Summer: Hot, Busy, & Fun!

Though the weather in Amman remains hot and sunny, summer at CRP is coming to a close. This month, we said goodbye to Tim Loh, our former Programming and Administrative Manager, and welcomed in Lilly Crown.

Our Computer Lab Is Up and Running!

Thanks to individual donors, as well as donations from CIEE and a grant from Rotary International, we have updated our computer lab with all-new equipment. Most of the refugees in our community do not have computers at home.