In honor of World Refugee Day today, June 20th, we are partnering with the Advocacy Project and Global Giving to raise money for the Women’s Hope Workshop.

Today only, GlobalGiving will fully match your donation (no matter how small and up to $2,500), until matching funds run out.

One of CRP’s interns, Reina Sultan, is a 2017 Peace Fellow with The Advocacy Project. The organization was founded in 1998, born out of the wars and ethnic conflicts of the 1990s. Their mission is to help local NGOs on the ground who aid at-risk populations and to spread awareness to these marginalized groups around the world, including refugee women here in Amman, Jordan. The Advocacy Project has been partnering with CRP since last summer to support our Hope Workshop.

Hope Workshop at CRP empowers women through craft, training, and community. “CRP and the Hope Workshop were known among the Iraqis for years. Coming to CRP for help and to the Hope Workshop changed my experience in Jordan for the better. I was introduced to new friends from different backgrounds and was able to use skills I already had and learn new ones. May God bless everyone at CRP.” says Ruba, an Iraqi refugee in Amman and one of Hope Workshop’s participants.

Refugees in Jordan are not allowed to work. They must live off the money they had saved and the generosity of others. Because of these economic insecurities, many refugees are not able to afford quality food, living conditions, education, and medical care. Being a refugee in Amman can lead to an identity crisis as those who provided for their families, both men, and women, can no longer as they wait in limbo to be resettled in Australia or America.

Reina explains in her bi-weekly blog posts on her time at the workshop and in Amman that we plan “to introduce an embroidery program to their [the Women’s Hope Workshop] already successful handicraft co-operative. This will involve even more women in the Hope Workshop, giving them more opportunities for income generation and leadership.

“The Women’s Hope Workshop not only helps the women at CRP financially, it also creates a space that gives them a sense of purpose and power. Reina writes, “You have the chance to make a difference in the life of a woman who left everything behind to save herself and her family. Think for a moment how important that is and get involved on World Refugee Day.”

Please help CRP and the Advocacy Project make a difference in these women’s lives this June 20th!